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Wheel, 15x16, 8x6.5 Bc, 9/16" Stud, 9 In Inner Half, With 7 In Outer Half, Each

REAL RACING WHEELS  |  Part# REA-R108-1516-9BS-9

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  • Spun Aluminum
  • Solid Center
  • 15 in Diameter
  • 16 in Wide
  • 9 in Inner Half
  • 7 in Outer Half
  • Halves Welded Together
  • Non Bead Lock
  • Bolt Pattern (8)
  • 9/16" Stud
  • Each

Wheel, 15x16, 8x6.5 BC, 9/16" Stud, 9 in Inner Half, With 7 in Outer Half, Each



Real Wheel

Wheel, 15x16, 8x6.5 BC, 9/16" Stud, 9 in Inner Half, With 7 in Outer Half, Each

   Spun Aluminum
    Solid Center
    15 in Diameter
    16 in Wide
    9 in Inner Half
    7 in Outer Half
    Halves Welded Together
   Non Bead Lock
    Bolt Pattern (8)
    9/16" Stud


Real 15" Wheel X 16" Width. This is a NON-BEADLOCK wheel and you must choose your required Backspace and Bolt Circle Diameter. Standard backspace available to ensure brake clearance can be from 2"-9" on this wheel. You also need to choose your Stud Size and whether you want the inner-half polished.

Where brake clearance IS NOT an issue, you can flip the wheel around with the outer half facing in. This can create up to a 14" backspace, depending on the backspace you order. The flipped backspacing is shown in parenthesis behind each backspace dimension. You should order the wheel with the "Inner Half Polished" option for cosmetic reasons if you will be flipping the wheel to gain additional backspacing.

Custom built to your specifications-we can build these wheels to fit almost any application. These wheels are manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft structural grade aluminum. 6061 aluminum must be two-stage heat-treated and therefore is more expensive to use, but much stronger than cheaper, non heat-treatable stamping type aluminum or plastic. They are Spun Constructed! It has been proven over and over again that the only way to get a truly round wheel and maintain material thickness, is to spin it!

Steel lughole insert proven to be better than coined or countersunk lugholes. The pressed in steel lughole insert ensures that the wheel will stay tight and bolt up true. Steel inserts are only used in applications utilizing an acorn style lugnut. For 3/4" studs (typical pulling size) no insert is used and a 3/4" flanged lugnut is recommended.

You must SPECIFY your BACKSPACE, BOLT CIRCLE, and STUD SIZE. All our wheels are polished to a finish that is second to none. The outer half comes polished, you need to choose if you want the inner half polished.

Repair parts & rim halves available.

For assistance or additional information, contact us at 906-639-PROS (7767)

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